FAQ Page

 What kind of game is it?  It belongs to the shooting games category. It features a Wild West-style theme and old school elements as well.
 Is this game hard?  If you are new to shooting games you will find this game pretty hard, AI opponents in the game are hard to defeat and they shoot really well.
 How do you play it?  We already covered it in our guides, but once again, try to shoot your opponent in the head, otherwise, they will shoot back and they may change outcome of the game.
 How many opponents are there in the game?  In total there 20+ opponents in the game, as always higher levels bring tougher opponents, skins of the characters change very often in order to make the game more interesting.
 Are there cheat codes in it?  Yup, there are some cheat codes in the game and we have covered this subject in one of our articles.
 Can you give me some suggestions?  Stay calm, don't lose your focus in the game, try to make decisions with cleat head and try to relax, don't be nervous and you will make fewer mistakes.
 What is the unblocked version?  This game is locked in many places (schools, gov facilities, etc.), an unblocked version of the game can be played anywhere.

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